Your Own Biggest Loser

August 7, 2012


Friends and family can be great sources of support when you’re trying to lose weight, but sometimes a little friendly competition is exactly what you need to get motivated to lose those unwanted pounds!

Here are a few tips to help you get your own Biggest Loser competition started and running successfully.

1. Find a good group of people who get together on a regular basis to join you.  Try mom’s groups, church, your work office, the gym or library.  Since everyone needs to lose a different amount of weight, consider using percentage of weight lost as the final determination of the winner.

2. After you decide on competition rules as a group, have someone create an eye-catching poster listing them clearly.  Make sure everyone understands the rules and agrees to the competition’s timeframe.

3. Pick a prize that will motivate everyone.  Money is a great motivator, and everyone who enters the competition can chip in the same amount of cash for the winner’s pot.  Decide if your competition will have one winner or first, second and third place winners.

4. For extra fun, assign each person a secret pal who is responsible to anonymously encourage another member of the group throughout the competition.  Secret pals can send short notes and small non-food treats to each other to boost everyone’s spirits.

5. Have a weekly weigh-in and record the results in a place visible to everyone involved.  To be completely fair, use the same scale for each person and pick a trustworthy person to keep track of and post the results.

6. Issue weekly exercise challenges for bonus points.

7. At the end of the competition, celebrate everyone’s accomplishments—not just the biggest losers.

8. Keep the excitement and motivation at high levels by making up a weekly or bi-weekly contest information sheet.  Include the latest weigh-in results as well as a healthy recipe or two.  Make it fun and keep it friendly!

Big or small, a group of like-minded people looking to shed some weight will combine support and competition in a way that can drive you to lose much more than when you work towards your weight goals alone.

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