The Three Stages of Nutrisystem

January 5, 2015


For many people, losing weight is a difficult and complicated process that has often met with failure in the past. For the past forty years, Nutrisystem has offered dieters an easier way to achieve weight loss. Nutrisystem is a plan that includes pre-packaged, portioned meals that are low in calories to make it easier to manage calorie intake. Nutrisystem also has plans for the special needs of dieters, such as for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics, and those concerned with heart health.

The Three Stages for Success with Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem’s thorough understanding of the dieting process concludes that a successful diet plan operates in three different phases. During the initial weight loss period, the participant is focused on reaching weight loss goals and managing cravings. Consistent weight loss requires careful monitoring of food intake, understanding triggers for food cravings, and learning to function in social settings with the temptation to eat the wrong foods. Once the target weight has been reached, the dieter must learn to make portion control, low calorie foods, and healthy habits part of their lifestyle. This period is followed by a maintenance period in which the dieter must integrate these changes into daily life and a variety of situations.

The Weight Loss Stage

The first step that every participant must make is the evaluation of their current weight and realistic goal-setting to ensure successful weight loss in the early stages. Because Nutrisystem provides controlled portions and low calorie ingredients, participants often find it eliminates the complicated trading of points required by other weight loss programs. The variety of foods available can help to keep dieters motivated so they can reach their target weight loss goals. The Nutrisystem plan also encourages participants to exercise three times each day for at least ten minutes to help burn calories, maintain energy, and stay focused on goals. Women are advised to consume no more than 1200 calories per day. Men usually lose weight when consuming 1500 calories per day.

The Transition Stage

Once you have achieved your major weight loss goals, participants must begin considering how to transition to a normal diet. This period can be the time when many dieters often rely closely on the Nutrisystem online community for practical advice on low-calorie options for snacks and eating in restaurants. Nutrisystem counselors are also available to advise participants on food choices, portion sizes, and healthy eating. Finding a regular exercise program that aids in keeping off weight is a critical part of the transition phase of the program. Backsliding into sedentary habits can cause a resumption of weight gain.

The Maintenance Stage

In the maintenance stage, the dieter must actively integrate all they have learned in the Nutrisystem weight loss program into their daily lives. The company offers an At Home Tool Kit that includes measuring devices to ensure proper portion control, which can be a problem with some foods. In addition, the Nutrisystem online community can be helpful in providing ongoing support for dieters, to ensure that they maintain good food habits and the proper attitude toward food to keep their weight at the desired level.


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