The Hottest Trends in Women’s Fitness

April 2, 2013


Women’s fitness is an ever growing and ever changing field. Gone are the days of thigh masters and gentle ladies workouts. Women today go to the gym with the intention of working just as hard as the men, and it shows in some of the hottest trends in women’s fitness. Women today want to have health benefits and strong bodies and they want to make the most out of every minute they spend on their workout, regardless of it is in a gym or in their own home.

Body weight training is gaining in popularity with women today. Not only is weight training in general becoming more popular as women want to increase their strength, body weight training grows in popularity as women learn to make the most of their time and use their entire body for their workouts.

Body weight training can be a great choice for those women who cannot afford a gym membership, or those who may not be comfortable working out in a co-ed gym just yet. With body weight training women are still getting a tough and satisfying workout without having to be in front of their peers.

Crossfit is another women’s fitness trend that looks as if it is here to stay for the long run. Crossfit is a workout regime based on high intensity functional moves. Many women are joining Crossfit, seeing that strength is just as beautiful as what is considered the typical female body. Most Crossfit workouts include things like deadlifting, squats and other high intensity exercises.

Krista Shirley in Karandavasana.  Krista owns The Yoga Shala in the Orlando area.  Krista is the only yoga teacher in Florida, north of Miami, Authorized by the KPJAYIYoga is one of the longest standing trends when it comes to women’s fitness. Brought to the worldwide audience in the 1970s, yoga has evolved considerably from where it was just 40 years ago. With the inclusion of programs like hot yoga, which uses the temperature of the room to help you sweat and lose weight as well as yoga flows like Vinyasa which have been shown to burn upwards of 400 calories, yoga is one of the most popular women dominated exercise regimens out there.

There is a definite trend involving when it comes to women’s fitness. Women want to work out hard, they want to sweat and they want to gain muscle. Most women in the fitness field are looking not only to slim down and drop pounds but also to put on muscle definition as well as feel stronger and more confident about themselves.

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