The 17 Day Diet

March 11, 2013


Healthy diet chart - 17 Day Diet RecipesThe 17 Day Diet is one of the most popular dieting trends on the market. Featured on Dr. Phil, it seems like just about everyone has heard about this diet and wants to try it out. If you are one of those people who likes to research a diet before trying it out, then look no further. Down below you will find a clear run down of the 17 Day Diet, how it works and how you can make it work for you.
The 17 Day Diet consists of four different components. These components are broken down into time frames, with each component calling for different foods and eating habits to be used. The first component of the 17 Day Diet is called the “Accelerate” component and it is actually what the diet is named after.

The accelerate component of the 17 Day Diet consists of using smart calories and fast burning foods to get your metabolism going. During the first 17 days, you will eat as much lean meat as you want, no starch veggies and things like fat free yogurt. Your daily calorie intake will be around 1200 calories during this time.

The second component of the 17 Day Diet is the “Activate” stage, which will run from day 18 to day 34. This part of the program involves you adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, as well as including the process of calorie cycling. What this means is that on some days, you will take in 1200 calories and on other days, you will take in up to 1500 calories. This keeps your body for going into fat storing mode.

After the Activate stage, next comes the Achieve stage. From day 35 to 51, you will learn the habits that will take you through the rest of your days. In this stage, you will no longer eat an unlimited amount of lean meat. You will start to replace these servings of lean meat with equal amounts of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

From day 52 and on, that is the beginning of the final stage which is known as the Arrive stage. During the Arrive stage, you will continue your skills that you have learned up through the Activate stage. With these skills, you can begin to work in weekend cheat days and be able to maintain the weight you have lost thus far.

The 17 Day Diet says that if you find that you have gained more than 5 pounds after reaching the Arrive stage that you should start back at stage 2, or the Activate stage. That way you can begin to reteach your body the skills that you need to see weight loss once again.

The 17 Day Diet is not for everyone. The diet clearly states that if you are pregnant or nursing, that you should not take part in the diet. Diabetics are also not recommended to take part in the 17 Day Diet. As with all diets, it is important to speak to your doctor before starting.

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