The Science Behind Nutrisystem

December 28, 2014


Nutrisystem streamlines dieting for patients who want to lose weight without being overwhelmed by the process. The program features multiple plans that offer a variety of options for people with different goals. It also eliminates the task of shopping for healthy foods by delivering foods to members. Although convenience is one reason for the success of Nutrisystem, the true power of this diet is in the science behind it.

Different Options Available

Nutrisystem members get foods that meet their unique requirements while helping them lose weight. Cravings for burritos, pizza, or other popular foods are satisfied by the program because Nutrisystem offers these items. Multiple plans are available, including low-glycemic, for patients controlling their blood sugar, balanced diet, which follows conventional nutrition guidelines, and added protein, which helps maintain more muscle during weight loss.

Portion Control

Keeping portions reasonable can be one of the greatest challenges for dieters. Fortunately, this hurdle is completely eliminated by Nutrisystem. Each 28-day plan includes meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks that add up to a level of calorie intake that supports healthy weight loss. By consuming fewer calories than they burn while taking in plenty of nutrients, Nutrisystem members lose fat steadily and retain more muscle for better health and vitality.

Glycemic Control

Research has shown that low-glycemic-index carbohydrates, such as whole grains, support weight loss better than high-glycemic-index carbohydrates, like white flour and sugar. Nutrisystem portions are designed to provide a calculated amount of slowly digested carbohydrates that keep members fuller longer. Low glycemic loads also limit the post-meal release of insulin, which can contribute to fat gain. Perishable dairy foods, such as milk and yogurt, are not included with Nutrisystem but are recommended as low-glycemic additions to the program.

Regular Meals

Regular eating is essential for supporting a healthy metabolism, which enhances fat loss and helps prevent loss of muscle during the diet. With three meals and multiple snacks in the regular plans or six meals in the low-glycemic plan, dieters provide steady energy to their muscles to fuel workouts and drive the fat-burning process. Regularly spaced meals also reduce risks of cravings, which can sabotage weight loss efforts by stimulating the desire for junk food or excessive portions.

Diet Tracking

According to diet researchers, people who track their eating and exercise are more likely to lose weight successfully. For this reason, Nutrisystem makes it easy for members to keep track of their activities and progress. As members lose weight and note that they have been following the Nutrisystem diet consistently, their motivation to continue on this path is repeatedly renewed. A daily meal planner, an online diary, and other tools help simplify this part of the program.

Nutrisystem not only makes dieting easy, but it also gives members the scientifically proven elements necessary for weight loss. Success is supported by access to expert tips on diet and exercise, tools for tracking meals and progress, and charts that detail ideal BMI. By combining Nutrisystem and a solid exercise plan, members can lose significant weight in a way that is healthy as well as sustainable.


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