Resistant Starch: The Third Fiber

September 23, 2012


A resistant starch. Doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard of? Well don’t feel too bad. There are a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of resistant starch, and don’t know the health benefits of adding them into your diets.

Most everyone knows what a starch is. What everyone may not know is that different starches are digested at different speeds. Some starches like potatoes and things like cereal digest in the body very quickly. But there are starches like beans and long grain rice that take an even longer amount of time. Beyond that, there are starches known as resistant starches that take so long to digest that they are essentially fiber.

So what do these resistant starches do for you? Resistant starches in the body have been shown to lower the chance of certain types of cancer, especially colon cancer. These starches also help the body with mineral consumption. That means that eating resistant starches can help your body to better absorb things like calcium and magnesium.

If you have issues with blood sugar, resistant starches can be especially helpful for you. They have been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity the day after they are eaten. Add in traits like helping with regular bowel movements and curbing hunger, and you can see why resistant starches should be an important part in your diet.

So where can you find these resistant starches to start adding them into your diet? The easiest way to add resistant starch into your diet is by adding beans. Almost any type of bean or legume is going to have some resistant starch in it. Whole grains are another great source of resistant starch. Even something as simple as shiitake mushrooms have resistant starch in them.

It doesn’t matter how you get resistant starch into your diet. All that matters is that you take advantage of this wonderful way to keep your body fuller longer, and healthier in the long run. So put on a pot of beans or boil up some long grain rice and know that you’re doing your body a favor.


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