Nutrisystem for Women

December 12, 2014


As a personalized weight loss program, Nutrisystem features complete menu plans with food that arrives by mail, recommendations on exercise, and support from the weight loss community. The personalized plans are designed to offer the right number of calories to encourage weight loss and better health. Nutrisystem has plans for women and men, and the meal plans reflect the different calorie needs of male and female bodies.

Signing Up with a Plan

The first step in signing up for Nutrisystem for women is choosing a plan. They offer a standard plan, as well as plans designed for people with diabetes. The standard plan also offers a vegetarian option. After choosing a plan, it’s time to customize and choose a combination of ready-to-go meals or a meal plan that includes store-bought extras.

Meal Plan Features

Nutrisystem meal plans are designed to provide a healthy balance of nutrients. The meals are designed with nutritional guidelines in mind to keep the body healthy during weight loss. Members eat three main meals each day and they are also allotted snacks and desserts. Members can choose a pre-planned meal plan or fully customize the meals for taste.

Meal plans are designed around a number of factors that influence how a woman uses calories and the rate at which she burns them after each meal. Members take a simple questionnaire to answer questions about gender, age, height, and other features to determine the best plan for maximum weight loss.

Difference in Men’s and Women’s Plans

Men and women have different nutritional needs, and Nutrisystem designs their plans with the same general portion sizes for men and women. For example, men receive an extra snack and an extra carbohydrate each day.

Joining the Community

In addition to the delivered meals, Nutrisystem also maintains a community of other dieters where members share their goals and successes in the program. After setting up an account, a member can record weight and measurements to track progress. Additionally, Nutrisystem provides a meal planner and grocery guide for daily meals.

Daily Exercise Plans

Nutrisystem provides daily exercise plans that help women combine healthy activities alongside meal plans. Nutrisystem for women features a personalized plan that offers activity suggestions for a woman’s current activity and skill level. Each day, members can choose from three recommended exercises that take ten minutes each and vary to help members avoid exercise burnout.

After Reaching a Goal

Nutrisystem provides support even after a member reaches her goal through the forums and community environment. After reaching a weight loss goal, women are encouraged to enter a transition phase that features a mixture of Nutrisystem meals and meals prepared at home. In addition, members can continue to purchase their favorite foods from the meal plan even after completing their weight loss journey.

Although the main components of Nutrisystem are the preplanned meals that are delivered to a woman’s house, the system also features other benefits designed to encourage sustained and permanent weight loss. Anyone who is new to counting calories and designing a healthy meal plan may benefit from the suggestions and recommendations offered through Nutrisystem.


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