What Does the Nutrisystem Menu Include?

December 24, 2014


We’ve all seen the Nutrisystem commercials, ads, and infomercials at least once. Marie Osmond says she lost 50 lbs. while on the program. Even Dan Marino got back to his weight from his football glory days while on the system. While that’s great, how does the Nutrisystem food taste? What items are included in this diet system, and let’s face it, are you going want to eat them?

Nutrisystem understands that just because you’re getting on a diet plan, you probably don’t want to feel like you’re on that diet plan. Their menu, therefore, includes choices that will help you reach your goal weight tailored just for you.

If you’re a diabetic, for example, the Nutrisystem D plan is designed to help you control your blood glucose level through food. Items like a honey wheat bagel for breakfast, hamburger for lunch, and a grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables for dinner will keep you full and satisfied, and well on your way to a healthier you.

The regular menu is made up of guilt-free morning breakfast pick-me-ups including fruit bars, fruit muffins, cereals, oatmeal, or omelets. For lunch, you can expect dishes like a chicken fajita melt, grilled chicken sandwich, bean and ham soup, or chicken Parmesan pasta. Then, end your day with scrumptious dinner entrees including flatbread pizzas, roasted turkey medallions, tuna casseroles, or hearty beef stews.

Of course, in between meals, there’s going to be the inevitable wish to snack, so Nutrisystem also throws in flavorful and wholesome desserts and snacks. Treats like cheese puffs, chocolate sandwich cookies, nacho cheese tortilla chips, and stuffed apple pies will ensure you satisfy your cravings so that you can effortlessly stay on your healthy track.

Once you have an overall sense of what you will be eating, if you have any diet restrictions like vegetarian-only foods or dishes made with low sodium, the option to customize your menu plan is available. Maybe you prefer that your menu plan not include spicy foods, fish, or mushrooms. If that’s the case, simply check the appropriate boxes, and you’ll be shown only the items that adhere to your preferences.

Maybe you’re not necessarily trying to lose weight. Maybe you want to maintain your current weight while ensuring you’re receiving the proper nutrition to allow you to age gracefully. There’s not always time to count calories, and sometimes, there’s even less time to cook. If you wish to get on a plan tailored to your gender, Nutrisystem has plan just for you.

Once Nutrisystem understands your current health status, preferences, and goals, you can expect to start receiving delicious foods. Your menu plan may include flavorful rolls, melts, pastas, salads, and chili. Some food will be frozen, some will be fresh, but all is aimed for a healthier you.


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