Latest Nutrisystem Coupons & Discount Code for March 2015

Nutrisystem Discount Code

Nutrisystem Discount Code


Nutrisystem® is a portion-controlled, calorie-controlled meal delivery weight loss program that combines variety, nutrition, hunger control, and convenience designed to produce weight loss results for busy individuals and families. Each meal features a Nutrisystem entrée that you supplement with common grocery items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, protein and dairy items, and healthy fats.

How does the Nutrisystem diet work?

The Nutrisystem program is very easy to follow; for each meal, you begin with a Nutrisystem entrée and add-in a few grocery items (like fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, protein and dairy items and fats). You get to eat often throughout the day to help keep you feeling full between meals. All meal plans are designed to give you the essential nutrients you need for optimal nutrition and sensible weight loss. Your fresh-frozen foods arrive in a Styrofoam box packed with dry ice and will remain frozen for approximately 6 to 8 hours after delivery. Nutrisystem entrées are color-coded and labeled as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack/dessert. A personal meal planner is included with every order that outlines all meals and snacks and also serves as a food diary. The planner/diary features 28 daily pages to check off entrees, snacks, desserts and other fresh servings consumed each day. Included with your first 28-day order is The Mindset Makeover®, an online interactive guide to help you navigate the Nutrisystem program and overcome common diet-related challenges.  When you order Nutrisystem, you also gain access to Nutrisystem weight loss counselors and a free online membership to a community website where you can track your progress, join support groups, order food, and chat with weight loss counselors and Registered Dietitians. The Nutrisystem program features convenient, low-fat, low glycemic, portion controlled meals to help you reach your weight loss goals. Customized plans are offered for:

  • Men’s Core
  • Women’s Core
  • Men’s Silver
  • Women’s Silver
  • Men’s Diabetic
  • Women’s Diabetic
  • Men’s Vegetarian
  • Women’s Vegetarian
Program Cost* Pricing for Nutrisystem mealscan vary significantly.A one-time shipment of a basic (core) 28-day ready-to-gofoods plus daily protein shakes is $357.48 which includes shipping and handling. Introductory offers and Nutrisystem coupons and discount codes can save dieters approximately $100 when they select Nutrisystem’s Auto Delivery. With Auto-Delivery, customers receive a 20% discount off the month to month program price and free shipping (Continental US only) on Nutrisystem food orders.  Recurring food orders are automatically charged and shipped every 4 weeks unless you cancel. For an additional $50 per month, the Nutrisystem Select plan includes 10 days of chef-inspired, fresh-frozen cuisine and 18 days of ready-to-go foods plus daily protein shakes. *Pricing reflects available cost details as of January.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenient, easy-to-follow plan does not require calorie or points counting
  • Plenty of meal variety—over 130 different food choices with new, chef-inspired creations
  • Free, well-developed online tools and membership support

  • Transitioning from prepared, portion-controlled meals to your own healthy cooking requires extra effort
  • A number of food choices on the Nutrisystem menu (frosted chocolate doughnut, southern-style biscuits and gravy, cinnamon bun, etc.) do not promote healthy “after plan” eating habits
  • Nutrisystem reserves the right to substitute similar products if the items you order are not available—this could present a problem for individuals with food allergies

Once you reach your weight loss goal, the Nutrisystem FLEX Transition Program helps you successfully transition from a weight loss regimen to long-term health maintenance. Transition programs teach you how to complement Nutrisystem entrees and snacks with meals you prepare on your own. They’re flexible programs that allow you to choose the plan that fits your lifestyle. Past Nutrisystem Discount Codes:

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If you’re ready to save money and lose weight, get started with Nutrisystem today and don’t forget to activate a Nutrisystem discount code by clicking the image below. NutriSystem, Inc.

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12 Responses to “Latest Nutrisystem Coupons & Discount Code for March 2015”

  1. Annika Says:

    2 weeks of free diet food sounds great especially if you don’t know how the food tastes like and it is a dieting food program. In which states does Nutrisystem operate in?


  2. Sandra Says:

    My mother-in-law has been doing Nutrisystem for over 8 months and she loves it. She loves that she first gets to eat, and second have has a great support system. The live chat and online discussion she says have been one of the reasons she has lost 10 pounds. She just loves it. Great Post.


  3. Tanya Says:

    I have been doing Nutrisystem for over a year now and I just LOVE it, it has changed my life and I look and feel great. It takes hard work and a strong desire but I promise that if you have the dedication and will power you can do it and much like myself lose over 25 pounds, I look like I did in High School and that makes me and my husband very happy.


  4. Erica Says:

    I have been reluctant to give Nutrisystem a shot, but after reading your post and these comments I am going to take the next step and do it. These coupon codes should help me do it.


  5. Fred Sanchez Says:

    A couple of years ago I decided to get serious about getting back in shape and tried Nutrisystem. It worked great! I lost about 40 lbs over the course of a year. The program is well thought-out and stresses lifestyle changes and positive reinforcement unlike fad diets. If you’re on the fence, I say give it a try and use the discount coupons provided above for an even better deal!


  6. Erin Says:

    Nutrisystem works my sisters and I have been using it for over 5 years now and all of us have lost some pounds. It is hard, but isn’t that what it should be nothing in life is easy, but if you stick through this program then I promise you it will be worth it.


  7. Helen Says:

    I just stumbled upon your website and I am so excited to see what I can do the next year with nutrisystem. The video was nice but I know the coupon codes and loads of online resources will be helpful as I get serious about my weight loss. Thank You.


  8. Monique Says:

    Wow, these coupon codes are amazing I am totally spending some of my holiday money on this amazing product. My New Year’s resolution will be loss a few pounds and this website and nutrisystem will help me do it. Cheers.


  9. Diana B. Says:

    Thanks for the great information on Nutrisystem. I always gain about ten pounds over the holidays and in January I plan on signing up. With Christmas bills, the discount will really help out. Happy holidays!


  10. Wanda Says:

    IMHO, one of the best things about Nutrisystem is the support system and community that comes with the program. The online discussion group is very active and chock full of tips, support and advice. If you use the resources at hand, the transition from pre-packaged meals to home-cooked (mentioned above) need not result in weight gain. Plenty of information and help is available for those who seek it out.


  11. Wendy Chu Says:

    Thanks for posting all this information about Nutrisystem. Here’s one of my favorite diet related quotes: Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. ~Author Unknown =)


  12. Adriana Says:

    I learned about Nutrisystem via Janet Jackson. I’m a huge fan of hers since the 80’s. She recently started the program and got great results! I was really impressed and researched Nutrisystem. Found out it’s a well established plan that has worked for countless people. I plan on taking advantage of the discount posted here soon.


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