Natural Mood Boosting Foods

May 8, 2013


We all get a little down sometimes. It’s the nature of life. Sometimes work can be stressful, or you have money problems or even issues with family members. For many of us, we have learned through example to use food to ease these aches in our heart. While this may not be the healthiest of habits, you can easily turn it into your favor. Because instead of eating those unhealthy foods you have relied on in the past you can find healthy alternatives that are not only good for you, but can also help to boost your mood.

english muffinsEnglish Muffin
When it comes to boosting your mood and feeling better, no food is going to make you feel better than one that is rich in carbohydrates. These heavy little buggers will give you that satisfying feeling of a full stomach. An English muffin toasted and topped with a little jam or jelly will give you that heavy feeling and satisfy your sweet tooth all in one go.

Toast and Honey
Another satisfying way to get your sweet tooth taken care of while not wrecking your diet is to slather a piece of toast in honey. While white bread will do in a pinch, it really is better to make the choice to use wheat or whole grain bread. They are naturally better for your body. Using local honey can even help you to fend off allergy during those sneeze heavy months.

Air Popped Popcorn
Are you one of those people who craves salty goodness when you are feeling down? Air popped popcorn is a great way to satisfy that craving without adding all that many calories to your diet. Do you like your foods spicy? You can sprinkle a little Cayenne pepper over the top of your popcorn to give it some heat.

If you are looking for something sweet to eat to boost your mood, then look no further than the banana. If you are especially fond of chocolate, instead of eating an entire chocolate bar you can drizzle fat free chocolate syrup over banana slices to feel like you are getting a decadent treat without a ton of calories.

Baked Potato
Had a rough day at work and want a filling dinner? Try a baked potato. You can cover the potato with a moderate amount of butter and cheese and still feel full. Want to try something a little different? You can top your potato with broccoli and cheese sauce to get a blast of healthy greens with your meal.

Choosing to make smart choices when you feel the urge to eat emotionally can make a world of difference. By choosing healthy alternatives you can see weight loss and health gains while still satisfying that need to eat when you are down in the dumps. Remember that even with healthy substitutions that all good things should be taken in moderation. Trading broccoli for bacon doesn’t mean you should eat and eat. Listen to your body and stop when you are full.

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