Medifast Vs Visalus

January 7, 2012


Both the Medifast weight loss shakes and the Visalus Body by Vi shakes are popular meal replacement, processed weight loss shakes with different nutritional content and benefits. This article is a discussion on the comparison between the Medifast and Visalus weight loss shakes.

Medifast Shake

The Medifast French vanilla shake contains 11 gm of proteins, 6 gm of sugar, 13 gm of carbs, 1 gm of fat and 90 calories. But 220 mg of sodium per can is just not healthy for a ‘health food’. The shake is way too sweet and thick. But it is very yummy without doubt, yummier than its rivals with the exception of Visalus Body by Vi shakes. The latter tastes almost like a smooth creamy cake mix and is the best tasting diet shake in the market. The Medifast shake contains 3 gm of fiber per can but the information provided on the can doesn’t mention if the shake contains probiotics or prebiotics. It is also more expensive compared to the Visalus shake.

Visalus Shake

The Visalus shakes don’t taste or smell of grit and definitely don’t have a bitter, metallic aftertaste. The shakes are enriched with digestive enzymes and aids such as prebiotic agents which allow maximum absorption of nutrients. A can of Visalus shake contains gas or fizz free vegetable or fruit fiber and one full serving of it. It also provides calcium for bone health as it has one whole serving of whole milk. The sodium content is also the lowest.

Medifast vs. Visalus

The Visalus shakes contain a patented fiber blend called fibersol that prevents constipation, helps dieters feel full, controls hunger pangs and provides all the other additional fiber advantages. But it doesn’t cause gas problems. Medifast diet shakes don’t contain this type of fiber, nor any kind of pre biotic activity though there is some fiber present in Medifast shakes. Visalus shakes also score over Medifast shakes as the former contains only 7 gm of carbs and hardly any sugar. There are way too many carbs and sugar in Medifast shakes. But both shakes contain 90 calories, only a gm of fat and no saturated fat.

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