Medifast vs Optifast

November 10, 2011


In today’s world, both the Medifast program and the Optifast program have garnered quite a lot of popularity and there are many who follow one of these 2 programs. However, many people are still unsure about which of the 2 programs is better for achieving weight loss and acquiring a fit and healthy body. The following seeks to delve into the details of both and discuss the chief differences between the 2 diet plans.

Optifast is a combination of a medical monitoring system along with a meal replacement course together with counseling, education and support for keeping up a healthy standard of living. Medifast on the other hand is a meal replacement program that offers its users with meals that are nutritionally well balanced. The basic strategy that both the programs use in order to aid weight loss is the same – limiting choice of food and intake of calories in order to burn excess fat.

The Optifast diet program lasts a minimum of 12 weeks which consist of total meal replacement. This period is followed by another 6 week period consisting of a transition phase back to solid food. The Medifast diet program on the other hand comprises of a 5 & 1 Plan where in you will consume 5 Medifast meals along with 1 Lean and Green Meal every day.

A key difference between the 2 programs is that Optifast provides you with health monitoring in order to examine how much progress you have made over the course of the program. Optifast offers groups as well as personal counseling sessions. Medifast does not offer such support and counseling services. However, Medifast does provide its users with the Transition and Maintenance phases which help those who have lost their desired amount of weight to maintain their newly acquired fit and healthy body.

Another important difference between the 2 plans is that Optifast requires you to be under a doctor’s supervision at a designated clinic. These clinics are present throughout the country and you are required to go for weekly health checkups, weighing-ins as well as counseling. Although Medifast offers you such help online, there is no requirement for you to check in with a doctor and have your health and progress monitored throughout the program. You can obviously get yourself tested but it is your prerogative and not a compulsion.

The question as to which of the 2 plans – Medifast or Optifast – is better does not really have any definite answer. It all depends on you and what your personal needs and personal fitness and health goals are. For some, the Medifast plan may be more effective than Optifast and for others it may well be the other way around. It is best that you study and research both of the programs yourself and make your final decision based on various factors such as cost, phases of the programs, restrictions, compatibility, etc. One thing you should always bear in mind is that you must always consult a doctor or a physician before starting any diet plan of this sort.

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