Medifast vs. Nutrisystem

November 16, 2011


Two of the very popular diet and nutrition programs being used by people today are Nutrisystem and Medifast. So, if you are planning to adopt a weight loss program, you will probably be weighing your options between these two. Though the ultimate goal of both the plans is to help you lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the way these goals are achieved, vary.

Medifast is a meal substitute plan. It focuses on shakes, bars and supplements. Thus Medifast is preferred more by people who like to eat less and rely more on liquid intake. Medifast also has a menu with 5 meals on it, to choose from. The other 1 meal needs to prepared by you in accordance with the guidelines given to you. In addition to their basic plan, it offers special packages for diabetics, vegetarians, nursing mothers and teenagers.

On the other hand, Nutrisystem makes available pre-packed meals such as pizza, pasta, cookies, garlic bread and peanut butter. These need to be combined with fresh veggies self-prepared by you. Combining the two and consuming these in a balanced fashion leads to fewer calories intake. You also learn about eating small-portions and making healthy food choices. Their highlight is to consume fruits and dairy food in controlled volumes. They offer a huge range of meal alternatives. The idea is not to eat less, or eat monotonous food, but to eat healthy.

Both the plans have different strategies to serve their customers better. Nutrisystem believes in providing extra servings of greens and other side orders. Medifast has been using the strategy of a making available customized diet plans for different customers as per their needs.

Thus, the main difference between the two is in the type of food they offer. Both the plans are quite popular amongst people and known to show effective results. Which one you pick depends on your preferences, your weight loss goals and what appeals to your taste buds better. Also, it depends on how your body responds to each plan. One thing that works for someone else might not necessarily work for you too and vice versa. Thus, you need to experiment a bit before you are able to decide what plan suits you better for weight loss.

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