Have you Hit a Plateau on your Medifast Program? These Tips Should Help

December 2, 2011


There are a lot of people for whom being successful on the Medifast 5 & 1 Program could be easy and without a whole lot of fuss. However, it may so happen that you experience difficulty while being on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan. The following are certain tips and advice that could assist you in reaching your weight loss goals in the event that you reach a weight loss plateau while being on the Medifast program.


If while being on the Medifast program, you were not in the habit of exercising, then now would be a great time to start. Begin your workouts slowly and increase both the intensity and the length of your workouts over time and as your body gets used to workouts of a shorter period and lesser intensity. Always be sure to not overstress your body and run the risk of developing acute or chronic injuries. In case you had already been exercising all this while, then increasing the intensity and dexterity of your workouts might help in getting off of your weight loss plateau.


Make sure that you are cognizant about the amount of carbohydrates that enter your body. In case you are stuck in a weight loss rut, then it is advised that you limit your daily carbohydrate intake to between 80 and 85 grams.

Medifast snack products and maintenance bars

Do not consume Medifast maintenance bars and Medifast snack products on the same day if you happen to be experiencing a plateau in weight loss or a slowdown in weight loss. This is because both the Medifast snack products as well s the Medifast maintenance bars are quite high in carbohydrates and hence consuming both on the same day would cause your daily carbohydrate intake to exceed the allowed limit, that being, 80 to 85 grams per day as mentioned before.


Be sure to make use of MyMediFast in order to maintain a log of the meals that you consume and also ensure that you are consuming the Lean & Green Meal as has been recommended to you by MediFast.


It is very important that you consume at least 64 ounces of water each and every day, particularly if you are experiencing problems in achieving the desired weight loss.

In case you have already tried each and every one of these methods and still not achieved your desired level of fitness and weight loss, you could seek personal help. You could get in touch with the Nutrition Support team at Medifast who can specially customize a program based on your personal goals and wishes and cater to your individual and specific needs.

Thus, if you happen to be on the Medifast 5 and 1 Plan and are currently stuck on a weight loss plateau, then fear not. Following any or all of the aforementioned methods can help you get off that plateau and achieve your fitness and health goals sooner rather than later.

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