Get More Bang For Your Bite

November 5, 2012


We all know that dieting isn’t easy. It probably feels like you’ve tried every kind of diet that has crossed the market. Cutting out this or adding in a lot of that without ever seeing any real weight loss. But there is a diet that can help you do more than lose weight.

By taking up the volumetric style of eating, you can make healthy choices that are sustainable for long term. Because who wants to go on a diet that will help you lose weight, but the second you stop cutting out everything that you gain the weight back.

Volumetrics is all about calories per bite. By choosing food items that have less calories per bite, you can have a portion that is satisfyingly large with a much smaller calorie count. Meaning that you get to eat until you are full, and still lose weight because you’re cutting calories.

So how do you go about volumizing your food? It’s all in what you eat. The diet calls for lots of water rich foods, like fruits and vegetables. Broths and clear liquid soups are also a big part of the volumetrics way of eating. By eating these low calorie but high density foods, you are able to make your portion size that much larger without adding in any calories. In fact, in most cases you are actually cutting out calories.

There are lots of easy ways to add high density foods to your diet. Pureed vegetables can add a punch to your recipes, and help you to feel fuller longer. Making lasagna? Use only a fourth as much meat as you normally would, and mix it in with a collection of pureed veggies such as squash and zucchini. Not only are you helping your body to feel fuller, you’ve also carved a good chunk of calories from the meal.

No matter how you fit the high density foods into your diet, it’s easy to see that Volumetrics is a safe and healthy way to lose weight. By helping you to feel full after each and every meal, you will be that much more likely to stick with the diet.

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