Fuel Your Diet with Fat Burning Foods

January 22, 2013


We have all seen those commercials where people talk about losing weight while eating whatever they want. While this may be too good to be true, it is true that there are foods you can eat that actually burn more calories during digestion than they bring in. These fat burning super foods can help you to stay satisfied and still lose weight.
By adding these foods into your diet, you are giving yourself tasty cheats and a means to lose even more weight while boosting your metabolism.

The Whole 9 Yards
Your body will burn twice as many calories when it is breaking down whole foods instead of processed foods. Things like brown rice and oatmeal are both rich in fiber and whole foods that your body will burn through the calories by breaking down. Whenever possible, choose a whole food or raw food to maximize this effect.

Lean and Mean
While lean meats will still add calories to your diet, they burn considerably more calories than high fat meats and processed foods while being digested. Chicken breasts and red meat like steaks are great lean meat choices to add into your diet.

Low and Slow
Low fat dairy products are a must have in any healthy diet. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, low fat dairy products will help you to keep your calorie count down and your bones strong, all in one fell swoop.

Go Green
Green tea is one of those sneaky little items that can help you to lose weight and feel better faster. All by just having a cup of tea a day! Some programs have suggested taking in as much as four cups of green tea a day to help you to feel satisfied and full between meals while still burning calories.

Keep It Hot
Hot peppers do more than just heat up your mouth. That same peppers that gives you the sweats when you eat too much can also help you to burn off the calories it takes to eat them, and then some. You can add a little hot sauce to your eggs or put peppers on your salad to feel the burn.

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