Easy Ways To Lower Stress Without Spending A Dime

March 26, 2013


end of semester stressStress is something that we all seem to have in spades. With busy lives filled with family needs and professional tasks, there is very little time for people to unwind and relax. This stress can add up and affect your sleep and seep into nearly every aspect of your day to day life.
Since we all can’t afford to take a trip to the spa each and every time we get overwhelmed, here are some ways that you can lower your stress level and relax without every spending a dime. Some of these things can be done at home, while others can easily be used anywhere whether it is in the car, the office or somewhere in between.

Deep Breathing
One of the easiest ways you can help to lower your stress level is by doing some deep breathing exercises. Sometimes the simple act of getting more oxygen in your bloodstream can help to calm you down in a rough situation.

To do your deep breathing, it is best to close your eyes. Then breathe in, holding it for a count of 5. When breathing in, you want to pull your navel back against your spine. Then breathe out for a count of 5. Exhale and push your stomach out to release all of the air.

Sore muscles will definitely add in to the sense of stress. Some basic stretching will help you to relieve tension and take some of that stress off of your shoulders. If you find yourself with neck or shoulder pain, put your left hand against your right temple and your right hand against your right should. Tilt your head to the left, using your left hand for leverage. Use your right hand to add resistance by lightly pushing down on your right shoulder. Hold for a count of 5, and then repeat the same steps with the opposite side. This stretch will even help to alleviate headaches.

Stretching out your back is great for those people who find themselves stuck in a chair all day at work. For those who are able to get down on the floor in their office, Child’s Pose is a perfect way to elongate and stretch the spine out to release tension and relax the back. All you need to do is sit on your knees on the floor. Then fold over until your forehead is also touching the floor, laying your arms out above your head.

If you are not able to get down on the floor, even just bending over to touch your toes can release tension in your back and have you feeling better in no time flat. Once you bend and touch your toes you can straight again and place both of your hands against your back, pushing your stomach out forward to bow your lower spine. This can help with some of the more nagging lower back soreness and cramping that come with sitting in a desk chair all day during the work hours.

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