Diet Wreckers: Chicken Burritos

February 8, 2013


chicken burrito Chicken burritos are often thought to contain numerous health benefits along with fewer calories. Even though chicken burritos are generally healthier than beef or other types of burritos, they may not be as healthy as people think. Many dieters assume that it is okay to indulge in these tasty edibles while trying to lose weight. The truth of the matter is that chicken burritos often contain hidden calories and other diet deterrents.

Additional Components
It is common for people to focus on the nutritional benefits of chicken in their burritos. People often forget, though, that there are other parts to the burrito such as the tortilla shell and additional condiments. While salsa is generally safe to put in a burrito, other condiments like guacamole and sour cream can add an extra helping of unwanted calories. Certain tortilla shells are packed with calories and also contain excessive amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Many chicken burritos also include cheese and refried beans containing high levels of calories.

Chicken Preparation Methods
The chicken used in burritos can be safe or unhealthy depending on how it is prepared. Chicken cooked in fatty oils loses many of its nutritional benefits by increasing the calorie levels. Plus, if the chicken is fried, many different types of vitamins and nutrients can be lost in the process.

Healthier Alternatives
It is important to limit the number of fattening condiments and other components when preparing chicken burritos. It may also be wise to use lettuce as a wrap instead of a tortilla shell to cut down on the calories and extra carbohydrates. Using vegetables instead of chicken in burritos can also greatly decrease the calorie levels.

Chicken burritos do not have to ruin a diet. By using careful preparation methods and limiting the extra fattening components, chicken burritos can be a great addition to a weight loss plan.

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