Diet Timesaver: Ready-to-Eat Produce

August 1, 2012


Many popular diets encourage eating four or more small meals throughout the day to keep your hunger under control.  Nutritionists believe that the right snacks keep your body healthy while your extra pounds melt away.  If you snack wisely, you’ll soon discover that you’re making terrific progress toward your target weight.

When you’re busy, it’s hard to stop and take time to make yourself a healthy snack, so you probably find yourself reaching for a candy bar or ignoring your hunger.  However, candy bars make you feel worse when your blood sugar crashes, and you may find yourself overeating later because you got too hungry if you avoid snacking altogether.  The trick to diet-friendly munching is simple—having healthy treats on hand at all times will make it easier to snack on nutritious food that’s good for your body.

Ready-to-eat produce is a great idea if you’re always finding yourself short on time.  You can buy broccoli, carrots, celery, small tomatoes, and bags of salad trimmed, cleaned and ready for your next snack at any grocery store.  There’s no prep work for you to do, and nothing could be easier!

If finances are tight, keep in mind that preparing your own ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables can save a lot of money.  Check out the produce department or visit a local farmers market.  Pick out whatever fresh produce appeals to you, and set one or two hours aside each week to clean, peel and cut your favorites.  Refrigerate the pieces in reusable containers or plastic bags after you have separated them into snack-size portions.

Having delicious, ready-to-eat produce on hand will help you resist the temptation to grab a candy bar or greasy bag of chips to satisfy your hunger.  Eventually, you’ll begin to crave fresh fruits and vegetables and wonder why you ever snacked on unhealthy junk food at all!

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