BistroMD is a low-calorie, meal delivery diet program that targets insulin resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome to retrain your body to lose weight. Meals and daily menus are designed to provide a balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and other vital nutrients to promote healthy weight loss. 

How does Bistro MD work?

Dieters choose from 5- or 7-day plans with or without snacks included. Menus rotate weekly for variety and a varying daily calorie count (from 1,100 to 1,400 calories) helps prevent common diet plateaus. BistroMD meals are delivered weekly via FedEx Ground and are heated in the microwave.

Unlike other meal delivery diet programs that feature appealing, goodie-like snacks such as chocolate bars and other rich desserts, BistroMD offers protein-based snacks designed to curb food cravings and keep blood sugar levels stable. This makes the eventual transition from BistroMD meals to your own shopping and cooking a bit easier and a lot more realistic.

Upon placing a food delivery order, BistroMD subscribers gain access to newsletters, health blogs and videos, as well as free online and telephone support from registered dietitians.

Program Cost*

Dieters choose from full week (7-day) plans with or without snacks, or 5-day “work week” plans, also with or without snacks. Meal plans are designed for weekly food delivery of food. Your order will recur automatically unless you cancel by a certain deadline.

A standard 7-day BistroMD plan (without snacks) averages out to $22.85 per day, plus shipping which averages around $24.95 per order and sent via FedEx Ground. All plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • 5-day without snacks $129.95 per week
  • 5-day with snacks $144.95 per week
  • 7-day without snacks $159.95 per week
  • 7-day with snacks $179.95 per week

*Pricing reflects available cost details as of January 2012.

Pros and Cons

  • Weekly meal customization is fairly easy and accommodates taste preferences and favorite foods
  • The Bistro MD meal program is scientifically sound and supervised by a board certified bariatric physician
  • Website features quality health-related articles and easy to navigate product support

  • Although it was designed with diabetic patients in mind, the program does not offer gender-specific or disease specific diet plans
  • All meal orders are recurring and continue unless cancelled by a specific deadline
  • Overall, the program lacks an emphasis on exercise/physical activity

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BistroMD boasts a chemical and preservative-free menu and all prepared meals meet USDA recommended nutritional and ingredient guidelines. Dieters should be aware that Bistro MD has a Tuesday cutoff at noon for all new orders. Orders placed after this day and time are shipped the following week.

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