Dance The Pounds Away!

May 15, 2013


It seems that more and more ways to lose weight pop up each and every day. They range from things like body weight lifting to doing yoga in rooms with the heat cranked up. If you are looking for something that is a little less like a routine and a little more enjoyable, then maybe it is time for you to consider dancing as a workout.
Dancing is great cardio and an enjoyable way to spend an hour of workout time. There are several different dance specific workouts available, all at different speeds and tempos. No matter what kind of music you like best, it is likely that there is a dance specific workout that works for you.

One of the most popular dance fitness crazes around, Zumba Fitness is a dance centric weight loss and toning program that has a flair for the dramatic. Created from moves from Latin dance like Salsa, Meringue and the Cha Cha, it is a fast paced and fun workout for those who love to shimmy and shake.

There are Zumba classes available at most gyms, with boutique gyms that focus solely on Zumba popping up all over the place. If you are not a fan of the class environment, there are Zumba DVDs as well as a fitness game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Nalini Belly DanceBelly Dancing
Another great fat blasting dance workout is Belly Dancing. This ancient form of sensual dance can help you to shed pounds, tone that tummy and even feel more confident about yourself. The movements are fluid and gentle, easy enough for even beginners to pick up. Belly Dancing actually gives a total body workout despite the name being focused on the belly. By doing leg lifts and using gravity resistance with your arms, you will work out your whole body at once. There are many Belly Dancing workout DVDs available and even classes offered at some gyms.

Most little girls dream of growing up to be a Prima Donna ballerina. Even if you don’t want to dance outside of your home you can use ballet to shape, tone and sculpt your body into that lithe and beautiful dancer’s body. Ballet consists of many different leg lifts, dips and jumps that help you strengthen your core and tone your whole body. Ballet can also help you to learn a sense of body recognition and confidence in yourself with its flowing movements and classic grace.

There are many other styles of dance out there, ranging from popular DVDs created by the Dancing With The Stars franchise to tap dancing and even exotic dance for those who are looking for a little mature flavor to their dancing. No matter what kind of dancing you are doing, even if it is just bopping around your living room to the radio, you are making the moves necessary to building a better body for yourself. With hard work and dedication you can have that dancer’s body you have always dreamed about.

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