Combating Childhood Obesity

April 30, 2013


606527-obese-toddlerOne of the biggest problems facing our nation today is childhood obesity. With more and more technological devices and video games available for kids of all ages, as well as heavily processed foods, it is easy to see why so many children all across the world are facing the serious health risks of childhood obesity. Every parent, grandparent and family member of a child should do what they can to help keep the children in their life both healthy and happy.

It isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are easy and enjoyable ways to help your children learn to make healthy, nutritious food choices as well as to help them get up and move to get enough exercise for their growing bodies.

One of the easiest ways to make your child more aware of what they are eating is by involving them in the cooking process. For the younger children, this could be something as simple as stirring the pot or adding pre-measured seasonings as you cook. For older kids, you could have them chop and prepare individual items for the whole dinner.

Not only does this get the family together and talking, it also gives you a chance to talk about food. You can teach your children to try new things and be courageous with their food choices just by doing the same for yourself. While finding foods the whole family can agree on will go a long way, taking a few culinary risks will show your kids just how important it is to try new things.

When it comes to exercising with your children, sometimes all it takes is doing something together. A family walk will give you a chance to talk about your day and reconnect with your kids. It can be a chance to share information about nature on your path or a way to share memories of your own childhood. While you are making those important connections with your family, you will also be burning calories and helping your child to stay in shape. Just 30 minutes 3 times a week can help an overweight child get down to a healthier weight.

No matter what food or exercise choices you make for your child, just remember that it takes a family to help a child to stay healthy and avoid childhood obesity. Eat together, play together, and always make time to spend together.

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