Cards, Anyone?

August 3, 2012


When you’re busy, sticking to your diet can seem like one more thing to do.  Choosing and preparing healthy foods that fit into your diet plan is necessary, but it can be time-consuming and even overwhelming.  Don’t let yourself become discouraged!

If you’re having a hard time making good food decisions, make a dinner deck!  Set aside some time to create a personal set of cards that list healthy meal choices.  When your brain starts to melt down because you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat, you can grab your dinner de
ck and shuffle through the cards for a nutritious solution.

Be sure to include a list of ingredients and the directions for the items on each card for easy prep work.  Choose a variety of simple, healthy and quick-to-fix foods, but don’t include anything you don’t enjoy eating.  This is your deck of cards; fill it with delicious ideas that will satisfy your hunger!

To make your dinner deck even more helpful, clear out storage space in your kitchen by getting rid of your junk food.  Restock your pantry with healthy ingredients like whole-grain pasta, brown rice, canned beans, oatmeal, extra-virgin olive oil, dried beans and legumes, pure honey, canned tomatoes and lots of different spices.  Fill up your freezer with frozen fruits, vegetables and lean protein choices to round out your meals.

Changing the way you eat takes time, especially if you haven’t been eating right for a long time.  Old habits are hard to break, but consistently choosing healthy meals from your dinner deck will get you into the habit of selecting foods that are good for you.  It won’t be long before you begin to see and feel the fabulous results of a healthier diet!

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