Benefits of Yoga

January 24, 2013


Though yoga has been around for centuries, it has only gained worldwide popularity in the last thirty or forty years. Though it was long known for its meditative properties, it was only recently that men and women around the world learned that yoga could not only help you find peace of mind, but it can also help you gain strength and flexibility. There are even some benefits of yoga that are not widely known.
It seems like this was something you heard the entire time as a child. Being told to stand up straight and have good posture might seem like a child’s admonition, but there are very real benefits of good posture for people of all ages. When you slouch or engage in poor posture, it throws your entire body out of line. This means that certain parts of the back and knee carry more than their fair share of weight, which can lead to medical issues.

Joint health
Many people know that yoga can help to loosen up tight muscles and help you feel more flexibility. But not as many people know that by increasing flexibility and releasing lactic acid in the muscles, yoga can also help to improve joint health. This is because more lubrication is released to the joints, helping them work with your body with less friction, pain and discomfort.

Lung capacity
While this may not seem like such an important benefit of yoga, it can be very beneficial for those with asthma and lung issues that don’t allow them to take part in extensive aerobic exercise. With the deep breathing techniques that are a part of even the most gentle yoga routines, improved lung capacity can be seen as a positive benefit and result of yoga.

No matter your age, your health or fitness level there is a benefit to making yoga a part of your life. Whether you are looking to gain strength through your core, learn to relax or finally be able to bend down and touch your toes, you can rest assured that yoga can help you to achieve your goals.


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