Acai Berries

August 21, 2012


What’s the Deal with Acai Berries?

It seems like every new diet aid and commercial for the quick fix dieting “solutions” are all talking about Acai berries.  They call it a wonder fruit, advertising the amazing qualities of it and how it can put your weight loss into overdrive.  But is the Acai berry everything that the television and internet make it out to be?

The Acai berry is what is known as a super food.  These healthy foods are considered great for your health, as well as having a negative caloric intake when they are eaten because you burn more calories digesting them than the actual calorie count of the fruit itself.

The berries are known to help with detoxification of the body.  They help cleanse the body to lead to a healthier you.  There are several ways you can include the Acai berry into your diet to help you feel healthier and happier sooner.

Eat It

Seems simple, right?  By eating the berries as nature intended them, you can be sure that they are not diluted or changed in any way.  These berries work best in cooking, where you can use them in place of raisins, grapes and blueberries.  This makes them a great choice if you bake your own bread, or even to be mixed into your favorite smoothie recipe.  That way, you’re gaining the health benefits of the Acai without gaining any extra calories.

Supplement It

For most people, an Acai supplement is easier to implement as part of their diet than the actual berry itself.  The berries can be hard to find, and you may find yourself without a taste for them.  A supplement however is as easy as taking a trip down to the local health food store and picking up a bottle of supplement pills.  Taken with meals, it’s just a single swallow to have all the same health benefits of cooking with and drinking the Acai berry juice.

No matter how you get it into your diet, Acai berry is definitely worth adding to your healthy routine.  It is an easy way to get what it is that you need without breaking the bank or running up your calorie count every day.

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