5 Ways To Battle Bloating

March 13, 2013


Bloating is an uncomfortable sensation that there are really no medications on the market for. While most women have experienced bloating regularly, there are men who experience this uncomfortable sensation as well. Bloating is caused by water retention in the body, and this often takes place during menstruation for women, and a lack of proper hydration for men.
But thankfully, for as uncomfortable and disconcerting as bloating is, there are easy solutions that will have you feeling better and back into your pants comfortably in no time at all.

Drink Water
While it doesn’t seem to make much sense, the best way to keep from retaining water is by making sure that you are getting enough water each and every day. Making sure that you are well hydrated will help a myriad of bodily issues, including bloating. It is recommended that you try and drink 8 glasses of water every day.

saltCut Down On The Salt
If your comfort foods are salty in nature, they may be hindering your relief from bloating more than helping. Salt heavy foods will trick your body into retaining water even more, which will further the bloating and leave you feeling more uncomfortable. If you just need that crunch, try switching out your potato chips for carrot sticks. It will be a healthy alternative with a satisfying crunch.

No More Bubbles
Carbonated drinks are another no-no during bloating. The carbonation that makes the fizzing and bubbles can also make the walls of your stomach feel like they are expanding, which only adds to the uncomfortable bloating feeling. The best thing to do when bloating is reach for flat juices, like apple and orange juice as well as plain old water. There are even liquids that can be added to your water to help you get the flavor you want without having to drink carbonated beverages like soda.

Keep It Light
Small meals can make a world of difference when you are dealing with bloating. By eating smaller meals your stomach will not feel as full and it lessens the odds of exacerbating the symptoms of bloating. Also choosing lighter fare for your meals will help as well. Things like fruits and vegetables will sit easier on the stomach than heavy foods like breads and meats. Grains are also another food that can feel heavy in your stomach. If you are looking for a satisfying meal during a bad bout of bloating, then look no further than a chicken salad. The small amount of lean meat will not make the bloating worse and you will feel satisfied and full.

Pack On The Protein
Keeping protein in your diet will help you to keep the bloat away. Protein can act like a diuretic in your system by sucking out all of that excess water. This can stop bloating in its tracks. By choosing to add protein to each and every meal, you will help your body be more prepared to stave off water retention and keep from bloating all together.

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