5 Diet & Fitness Apps to Help You Stay on Track

February 28, 2013


You may find it difficult to stay on top of your weight loss and fitness plan. Keeping up with a diet and fitness routine may be especially difficult when you are on the go. In this modern age of technology, special apps have been developed to make dieting and exercising easier. Here are five of the top recommended apps designed to help you slim down:
Noom Weight Loss CoachNoom Weight Loss Coach

This cutting-edge Android app has everything you need to stay motivated while losing weight. A color-coded food logging system monitors your meals and provides more information on the healthiest types of foods. The exercise tracker includes a real-time GPS and pedometer designed to accurately keep track of all your fitness activities.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Let’s face it, you will more than likely be tempted to indulge in an occasional fast food meal during your diet. Some fast food restaurants have added healthier options to their menus in recent years. Regardless of whatever type of meal you choose, this app gives detailed nutrition information on more than 9,000 menu items from more than 70 different fast food chains.

Lose It!

The free app from this online service gives you daily and weekly summaries of your weight loss progress. Detailed information on the calorie amounts contained within certain foods is provided as well. You will also receive special badges each time you reach a certain milestone during your dieting journey.

You Are Your Own Gym

Exercise is a key component to losing weight and keeping it off. This app shows you a wide variety of exercises designed to get you into shape fast. Absolutely no special equipment is required to perform any of these fitness routines. Choose from one of the 10-week guided courses suitable for all fitness levels.

RunKeeper Pro

Since most fitness and weight loss programs involve popular exercises like walking, jogging or cycling, this app has been developed to assist you while performing these types of activities. A special tracker lets you monitor your speed, pace and elevation while performing these exercises. You can also view and record your route on the map included. This app even lets you set a target pace and notifies you if you are ahead or behind the selected pace while exercising.

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