3 Amazing Diet Hacks that Really Work!

January 15, 2013


When it comes to dieting, sometimes you just need a little push to stay on track or to get your weight loss kicked into high gear. With these 3 dieting “hacks” you can cut straight to the meat of the issue and get your body in weight loss mode, all without the use of supplements, pills or fad diets.
Ditch the Soda
It seems like common sense, right? Soda is sugary, wasted calories. But most people seem to think that they can substitute with diet soda and still see results. This isn’t often the case. But studies have shown that if you replace your diet soda with cold water and lemon, you still get the satisfaction of drinking something flavored without ingesting artificial sweeteners that trick your brain into feeling hungry.

Find Some Kitchen Feng Shui
When it comes to setting up your kitchen cabinets, you could be setting yourself up for success or failure. Making healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts and veggies more easily accessible than chips and unhealthy treats will make you more likely to snack on the good stuff. So move your junk food stash to a hard to reach shelf and make sure that you have either fresh or dried fruit and veggies easily within reach when those snack cravings hit.

Use a Smaller Plate
Have you ever heard the phrase that your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well for once, you can use that to your advantage. By using a child sized plate, you will be making smaller portions and studies have shown that the brain will think that you are fuller, because you have finished your plate. It is also important to make sure you are loading your plate with the right foods, including vegetables and fruits as well as starches like potatoes.

These even works with child sized cups. If you want to treat yourself with a glass of soda, then make sure to drink it out of a smaller cup. That way, you are controlling how much you take in while still telling your body to be satiated by the indulgence.

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